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Everything you need to know about teeth whitening


Teeth whitening is a widely used cosmetic method aimed at achieving a whiter and more beautiful appearance of the teeth. It is important to note that it falls under the category of aesthetic procedures, as many patients confuse the term “whitening” with the method of “teeth cleaning.” Whitening enhances the visual appeal of our teeth without addressing any underlying diseases or eliminating dental plaque. Therefore, experts recommend that teeth cleaning should precede the whitening procedure.


The advancement of technology and dental equipment has provided the opportunity to develop various teeth whitening methods. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s advisable to consult your dentist to determine the most suitable one for you. The main methods include:

1. Teeth whitening with custom trays: This method is performed at home under the guidance of a dentist. During the visit, the specialist discusses the desired outcome with the patient and takes impressions. In a few days, the custom trays will be ready, and the patient will take them home along with a special whitening material. Following the dentist’s instructions, the patient applies the whitening material and wears the trays. It is essential to ensure that the material does not come into contact with the gum area. Regular follow-up appointments are crucial and are scheduled a few days after the procedure, depending on the treatment plan.

2. Teeth whitening with laser or special lamps or photopolymerization devices: This method is performed at the dental office. It provides immediate results and is not painful.

3. Combination of the above two methods: The treatment is first conducted at the dental office, followed by a few days of continuation at home. This approach combines the advantages of both methods.

Advantages of Teeth Whitening with Custom Trays:

– Beautiful aesthetic results
– Safe method
– Pain-free
– Affordable cost
– The patient can repeat the method at home whenever desired

Disadvantages of Teeth Whitening with Custom Trays:

– Results become visible in approximately two weeks
– During the whitening process, it is necessary to avoid foods with dyes and smoking

Advantages of Teeth Whitening with Laser or Special Lamps or Photopolymerization Devices:

– Immediate visible results
– Beautiful aesthetic outcome
– No need for patient cooperation
– Quick procedure

Disadvantages of Teeth Whitening with Laser or Special Lamps or Photopolymerization Devices:

– May cause slight gum sensitivity for a few days
– Assessment of color change takes 2-3 days.

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