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Welcome to Alpha Smiles!

Here we combine Dentistry and Dental Technology to offer you the confidence you need, so that every step of the process is clear to you and the results are absolutely guaranteed at every level.

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The first visit to ALPHA SMILES dental clinic and getting to know us is very important to us. We are here to understand your particularities, record all your expectations and eliminate any unfounded concerns, so that you can get the healthy mouth and bright smile of your dreams as soon as possible.

After receiving your medical history, we record the existing condition and through a complete clinical and radiological examination, we assess the health of the teeth, soft tissues in the context of the prevention and diagnosis of oral cancer and other diseases, the muscles and the temporomandibular structure to ensure the perfect and perfectly harmonious operation between them.

The detailed recording includes taking extra-oral and intra-oral photos, as well as digital x-rays of the whole mouth.

We then formulate the treatment plan, which reflects your own particular wishes. Together, we choose the most suitable solutions that fit into your personal aesthetic, financial and time frame.

Duration of first visit: 60 minutes.

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