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With many years of experience in the field of dentistry, a well-trained professional team and the help of the most modern technology, we are by your side and provide you with high-standard work, with excellent quality materials.

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Alpha Smiles is a pioneer and, in addition to the multitude of dental services it offers, it has its own dental laboratory, with highly trained staff and the latest technological developments in the field of dentistry.

With many years of experience and many collaborations in the dental industry, our laboratory provides high-standard work. The materials we use are of excellent quality and our work is judged in the details, as we use equipment and technology that can give a perfect aesthetic and functional result.

Our continuous training through seminars inside and outside of Greece allows us to develop continuously. We are by your side, from the beginning of your visit to the end, always with passion and a willingness to work.

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The Lab

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